India-Pakistan tensions can become dangerous: Daily

Islamabad: The rising tensions between India and Pakistan on the Jammu and Kashmir border “could turn into a very dangerous one”, a Pakistani daily warned on Thursday.

“The sparring match that has been continuing between Pakistan and India, notably along the LoC (Line of Control), could turn into a very dangerous one as tensions soar,” The News International said in an editorial.

Pakistan says that India has violated the 2003 ceasefire in Kashmir 70 times in July and August alone.

And “there has been no indication over the past few days that these are coming to an end any time soon”, the daily noted.

Both Pakistan Rangers and the Border Security Force of India accuse each other of initiating firing across the border.

The daily said that Senate chairman Raza Rabbani had called countries around the world, especially Muslim ones, “to raise a louder voice against what was happening” in Kashmir.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif conveyed his concerns to US National Security Advisor Susan Rice in Islamabad.

“The worsening situation between India and Pakistan has obviously pleased hawks on both sides of the border,” the editorial said.

“The Kashmir angle has played a part in Indian attitudes and its hardline stance on Pakistan.

“The question now is how to resolve all this so that some kind of normalcy can be restored,” it said.