Govt notifies rules to implement N-liability law

New Delhi: Ahead of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh`s meeting with US President Barack Obama, India on Wednesday notified the implementation rules for the Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Act.

The rules give the nuclear plant operator the right to recourse for the period for which the supplier of equipment has taken liability for patent or latent defects or sub-standard services under a contract.

A "supplier" includes a person who manufactures and supplies either directly or through an agent a system, equipment or component or builds a structure on the basis of functional specification.

It also includes a person who provides to build to print or detailed design specifications to a vendor for manufacturing a system, equipment or component or building a structure and is responsible to the operator for design and quality assurance or provides quality assurance or design services.

The rules also make it clear that an operator`s claim shall in no case exceed the actual amount of compensation paid by him up to the date of filing such claim.

The US has made it clear that India`s civil nuclear liability law will have to be brought in conformity with international conventions and the current regime imposed a heavy burden on the operators of nuclear plants in India.

The Prime Minister is scheduled to meet Obama in Bali on Friday on the sidelines of the East Asia summit.