BJP stalling Par on coal issue is fascist method: CPI

New Delhi: Describing the stalling of Parliament over the coal block controversy as "unacceptable", the CPI has accused the BJP of acting in a "fascist" way and asked the party to show respect to the House while demanding a judicial enquiry into the issue.

CPI General Secretary S Sudhakar Reddy also targeted the ruling Congress saying that the courts and the Comptroller and Auditor General were "exposing the bankrupt policies" of the UPA government and demanded that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should own up moral responsibility on the coal allocation issue.

"The Coalgate scam, which exposed loopholes in allotment of coal blocks to corporate houses, brought huge loss to the nation. The total amount of losses in the UPA-II regime is close to Rs five lakh crore. This should be thoroughly probed through a judicial enquiry.

"The BJP`s stand of stalling Parliament is unacceptable. This is a fascist method. They should respect Parliament. At the same time, the prime minister should own up moral responsibility," Reddy told party mouthpiece `New Age`.

Parliament has not functioned for the past eight days following furore created by BJP over coal block allocations. Reddy said the BJP-led NDA is in a "greater crisis" with internal quarrels and with increased interference of RSS on the one hand and losing credibility and mass base on the other.

"The developments in Karnataka and Gujarat are only the tip of the iceberg. Modi`s attempt to emerge as a consensus Prime Ministerial candidate and B S Yeddyurappa`s revolt with 14 defections in Presidential elections are all part of the pathetic picture of crisis in which the BJP is," he said.

"They are competing with Congress party to be closer to the corporate houses. RSS interference to bring back Hindutva slogan is getting defeated. Unfortunately, some of the regional parties are in confusion on economic policies and are playing opportunist policies now and then," Reddy claimed.

On the Congress, Reddy alleged instead of making attempts for a consensus in the Presidential election, the ruling party "managed" majority though "political manipulation".

They won but their "image suffered a set back", he said, adding that, "Congress is direction-less, leaderless and passing through a bankrupt situation."

He alleged the UPA was working overtime to grant benefits to the corporate houses and multi-national companies.

"Worse, many more scams are getting unearthed…Paupersiation of people is increasing while corporate houses doubled their assets in the last five years with additional profit of Rs five lakh crore," Reddy said.

Admitting that there was certain weakness in CPI, he said the party needs to have a sustained campaign to raise voice against anti-people measures.

On the recent changes in Union Cabinet where P Chidambaram returned to Finance Ministry while Sushil Kumar Shinde became the new Home Minister, he said the changes were "nothing but cosmetic", which will not bring any change in policy. He also expressed fear the new changes will result in more anti-people economic policies.

Asked whether developments in the Kerala unit of CPI-M affected the emergence of a strong Left movement, he termed the developments "unfortunate".

"Political violence and murders should be desisted and rejected. The developments in Kerala might have alienated a section of democratic-minded people. We should try to bring them back by making honest attempts. The situation is improving and the Left parties should give a signal that they are united," he said.