BJP questions ”hurried” cremation

New Delhi: Holding that "a nation in shock" is entitled to display its sense of despair, BJP today disapproved of "Emergency-like" restrictions against anti- gangrape protests and renewed its demand for a special Parliament session to adopt strict laws on crime against women.
Expressing "profound condolences" to members of the victim's family and saluting her courage, the party also questioned the "hush hush" manner in which she was cremated.
BJP said that a proper debate in Parliament on the issue would "certainly be able to tap upon the serious sense of distress and dismay which is sweeping the country" after the "supreme sacrifice of that young brave daughter" of the country.
The main opposition party assured that it would cooperate with the the government in all suitable legislative measures to strengthen laws relating to crime against women, in strengthening the judicial architecture to ensure the speedy justice to those who are victims and taking actions against the perpetrators of these heinous crimes.
"The government needs to come quickly with a proper structured response and to reflect upon the serious concerns of the country, it is imperative that a special session of Parliament be called at the earliest which we have been demanding for some time," BJP spokesperson Ravishankar Prasad told reporters here.
Criticising the government for "converting Delhi into a chavni (cantonment)", he said this "unfair" act of authorities reminds of Emergency era and added that "a nation in shock is certainly entitled to display its sense of despair, anger and pain."
"…why should Delhi be sealed like this. Why should Delhi be converted into a chavni reminding ourselves what is happened during Emergency. This is very very unfair.
"Metro trains have been closed, people cannot move. I think, a nation in shock is certainly entitled to display its sense of despair, anger and pain. Thats what democracy is about. We don't appreciate it at all," he said.