Anti-incumbency led to DMK-Cong defeat in TN

New Delhi: Congress on Friday attributed the DMK-led alliance’s rout in Tamil Nadu to anti-incumbency and explained away by saying it was the turn of the Opposition AIADMK to come to power.

Health Minister and party leader Ghulam Nabi Azad said the “anti-incumbency factor” played a major role in the defeat of the DMK-Congress combine in Tamil Nadu.

“In states like Tamil Nadu, Punjab and Kerala hardly any party has won successive terms. There is always a change in the government. This time there is a change,” he told TV channels.

“Anti-incumbency factor played a major role. Last time, it was the turn of the DMK to win and this time if one goes by that convention it was AIADMK’s turn,” he said.

Mr. Azad said it was not a defeat for Congress alone as the party contested in alliance with DMK and PMK.

“When a combine wins every one in the alliance wins. If the combine loses, then everyone loses,” he said.

To a question whether Congress committed a mistake by contesting over 60 seats, Azad replied in the negative and said the party demanded so many seats to “reassert” itself.