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Anna above Parliament, can pressurise it

New Delhi: Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal has said that Anna Hazare is above Parliament and he has the right to do so as a citizen. "Of course, he is putting himself above (Parliament). Every citizen is above Parliament. Let me caution you, every citizen is above Parliament. The citizen has every right to tell the Parliament has not done the job."

"Citizens are more important than Parliament. It is in the Constitution. Anna Hazare and every citizen is supreme. I think the Constitution says so," Kejriwal told Karan Thapar in Devil`s Advocate programme in CNN-IBN.

He was responding to questions how one can justify threats of fast to get a bill passed in Parliament and whether Hazare was putting himself above Parliament.

Kejriwal justified the decision to campaign against Congress in the Hisar by-elections, saying it was the ruling party`s duty to ensure the passage of the Jan Lokpal Bill. He also said Hazare meant the whole UPA when he said he will campaign against Congress.

Attempting to blunt the criticism against the movement for taking an anti-Congress plank, he said that it may campaign against BJP in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls if it does not fulfil its promise of supporting the Jan Lokpal Bill.

"If any party goes back from the promise, in the UP elections, we may go and campaign against BJP," he said when asked whether Team Anna would campaign against BJP in the UP Assembly polls if it did not honour the letter of support given to them by party chief Nitin Gadkari.

Hazare has appealed to voters in Hisar not to vote for Congress and others who have not given letters assuring that it will support Jan Lokpal Bill in Parliament.

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