Advani statement will create hurdles: Himanta

Dhubri (Assam): Assam Health and Education Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma today alleged that BJP leader L K Advani`s statement yesterday in Parliament would create further hurdles in the way of peace returning to lower Assam.

"The people of both the communities have taken the initiative to create trust among each other and such statements by prominent politicians at this moment will lead to further complications," Sarma told reporters here.

Advani had said that the violence in Assam should not be seen as a communal incident and no one should regard it as a Hindu versus Muslim affair or a tribal versus non-tribal one as the basic issue is between Indians and infiltrators from across the border.

"The conflict is a humanitarian problem and we should not bring politics into it. Advani has approached the entire problem from the point of view election politics with an eye on getting votes in the next elections," Sarma said.

“We had expected the senior leader to make a statement that will help in restoring peace and confidence among the Bodos and the minorities; instead he brought politics into it," he added.

The problem between the Bodos and Muslims would be soon resolved, he said, through "dialogue and promotion of mutual trust and politicians should keep out of it".