884 people go missing every month from Mumbai city

Mumbai: As many as 884 people, many of them minor girls, went missing every month on an average from the metropolis during the last decade though a vast majority of them have been traced, according to figures released by Mumbai police.

As per statistics, a total of 1,10,547 people from Mumbai city were reported missing in last 10.5 years, out of which 1,00,439 have been traced while 10,108 remain untraced.

A detailed chart released by Missing Person Bureau, Crime Branch of CID Mumbai Police from January 2005 to May 2015, shows that the number of missing females, including minor girls, was higher compared to males.

According to figures, a total of 18,547 girls, 37,603 women, and 17,195 boys and 37,202 men were reported missing with the Mumbai police over the last ten years.

Though police claim to have traced over 90 per cent of the missing people — 803 of 884 on a monthly basis, 582 minor girls and 2,944 women were still missing till the end of May 2015.