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7th Pay Commission: Modi Govt Ready to Hike Central Govt Employees’ Minimum Pay?

Bhubaneswar/New Delhi: The Narendra Modi government is reportedly mulling to hike the minimum pay of the Central government employees beyond the recommendation of the 7th Pay Commission. A hike in the minimum pay is a long-standing demand of the CG employees.

On January 28, Chief of National Joint Council of Action (NJCA), Shiv Gopal Mishra in a Facebook post said that Home Minister Rajnath Singh has taken up the initiative to calm down the brewing resentment among the Central government employees and is considering a hike in the minimum pay ahead of the upcoming general elections 2019.

Centre is aware of the resentment among the CG employees; they are unhappy with the Modi government and so it is trying to eke out a route to meet their demand. Home Minister Rajnath Singh even talked to interim Finance Minister Piyush Goyal over the matter to solve the minimum pay issue and the old age pension scheme, said Mishra.

Besides, the Home Minister has called for a meeting of the central government employees unions with the interim Finance Minister on February 8, he said.

What is National Joint Council of Action?

NJCA is an umbrella organisation of various CG employees’ unions, including Income Tax, Railways and post and telegraph.

What Had Disappointed CG Employees?

The interim Budget 2019 indeed disappointed the central government employees as they had high hopes with the NDA government but nothing announced for them.

Besides, an earlier statement of Minister of State for Finance P Radhakrishnan that there was no proposal for any hike in the fitment factor of the CG employees, had also, in some ways, added salt to injury of the employees.

What is the Demand of CG Employees?

The CG employees are presently getting a minimum pay of Rs 18,000. However, they and demanding Rs 26,000- a hike of Rs 8000 or an increase in the fitment factor by 3.68 times from the existing 2.57 times.

What Do CG Employees Think of Rajnath’s Initiative?

“After several disappointments, at last something good has hit our ears. We welcome the move of the Centre. We have a genuine demand as the present minimum pay have failed to have any impact on our financial position. The government must take immediate step in this regard without any further delay,” said a CG employee.

What Can Be the Hike?

Though there are no reports regarding the hike in the minimum pay- whether it will be Rs 26,000 (as per the demand), earlier news were there that the government might increase it to Rs 21,000.

Meanwhile, the 50 lakh odd central government employees will have to wait till the Modi government comes with the final decision on the minimum pay hike beyond 7th Pay Commission’s recommendation.

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