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  • Girls love boys with good looks.
  • Apart from that girls also want boys to listen to them and respect their opinion.

Looks and appearance- first thing that boys and girls notice about each other when they meet for the first time. Afterward, it is the way you talk, behave, and your mannerisms that further increase the attraction. So, what are the things that make girls fall in love with boys at the first sight?

Manly Qualities

A girl expects a boy to have manly qualities which can be anything from sharp features, to that perfect jawline, or a tall, dark, and handsome typical Mills and Boons look. More than that, girls love when boys are neat, have trimmed hair and beard, with clean-shaven looks, or even someone with a bushy mustache and beard but are well-groomed.

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Smart Dressing

Girls love boys who have a style of dressing and know exactly what suits them. It does not matter whether he is tall or a bit short, but his overall dressing style represents his taste and choice. It also speaks volumes about how well you take care of yourself.


More often, it is the irresistible smile of a person that lingers in the mind of everyone. But naturally, girls are also not immune to such boys with charming smiles that light up their faces with happiness and excitement.


Everyone talks about someone having killer looks, but one particular feature in boys that attract girls is the magnetic appeal in the eyes of the opposite sex. Eyes can be naturally beautiful and mesmerizing, but girls in particular love boys with clear eyes that do not seem to hide anything from them. It somehow assures girls about the trustworthiness of the boys.

Conversation Skills

Good conversation skills ensure that a girl keeps on recalling moments with her date which enhances the chance of taking the relationship further. Girls though not necessarily emotional fools, love boys who touch the cord of their hearts with a polite and candid conversation.

From giving equal opportunity to the girl for speaking her mind to showing the required interest in what she is talking, all things matter the most if a boy wants to impress a girl during the first meeting.

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