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If you always crave good food but are concerned about gaining weight, try these nutritious snacks to satisfy a sudden hunger pang. The components and ingredients you use are the key to increasing the nutritional value of your food. They are an excellent choice if you want to snack without feeling guilty. These will also aid in the maintenance of your ideal weight and overall health. 

1. Moong Dal Chat

Moong dal chaat is a simple snack that you can make at home. Combine the protein-rich moong dal with carrots, pomegranate, mint leaves, and coriander to make a tasty and nutritious snack. You can also include a few drops of lemon juice in the mixture. Those attempting to lose weight, manage diabetes, or lower blood pressure may incorporate this into their diet.

2. Rava Idli 

Idli is a delicious and nutritious oil-free breakfast food. Add your favourite finely chopped vegetables to the idli batter and steam for 7 to 8 minutes.

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3. Phool Makhana Chivda

Makhana, also known as phool makhana, is a crispy, healthy snack made from roasted makhana, peanuts, chopped coconut, dalia, curry leaves, and a few other spices. This easy snack is perfect for teatime. It is vrat-friendly, low in fat, nutritious, and gluten-free.

4. Pasta Salad 

This salad is loaded with vegetables and nutrients. In a bowl of cooked pasta, combine roasted sesame seeds, sliced garlic, bell pepper, salt, and pepper. Add some mint chutney or other chutney of your choice and your pasta is ready. It also works well as a side dish.

To satisfy your hunger, definitely try out these zero-oil snack options.