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Odishatv Bureau

Belly fat is probably the most stubborn thing in our body which refuses to reduce if it doesn't get the best treatment. While there are multiple methods suggested on the internet for reduction of the fat, only some of them are effective. But you don't need to worry as we have listed some of the best methods which can bring phenomenal changes in your body by burning down those unwanted fat.

It is time to say good bye to belly fat and welcome a flat tummy.

Heart-healthy diet 

A diet rich in fibre & low in saturated fats -- could play an instrumental role in reducing fat, suggests a study.

While dieting may help in fighting abdominal obesity, intermittent fasting, high-protein diets, green tea and the "Paleo" diet, all lack high-quality evidence. None of them has shown to be more effective than other types of energy-restricted (reduced-calorie) diets, the researchers claimed.

Injecting carbon dioxide

Carboxytherapy is an efficient method to reduce fat, in which carbon dioxide gas is injected into fat pockets, according to Murad Alam, lead author of the study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.

The new technique is a safe, inexpensive gas, and injecting it into fat pockets may be preferred by patients who like natural treatments, informed Alam.

Non-invasive fat reduction has slowly become a sought-after method by patients.

Physical exercise

All we need to do is 20 minutes of weight training to reduce abdominal fat that mostly men tend to gain with growing age, a research suggested.

Combining weight training along with aerobics lead to better results in terms of maintaining a healthy weight and waistline, the findings showed.

Exercise can help you in the fight against internal, visceral fat that you cannot see or feel, but can lead to insulin resistance, diabetes, heart disease and inflammation, suggests a study.

Canola Oil

Scientists have found that canola oil helps in reduction of abdominal fat as Vitamin K and Vitamin E have the ability to dissolve fat.

The oil is also contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids and has potential to reduce concentration of triglycerides and thus reduce chances of heart attacks and strokes. It also helps in brain and immunity development and regulation of blood pressure.

Less trans fatty acids and saturated fatty acids in canola oil, reduces the risk of coronary heart disease. There is good and bad cholesterol in our body. If bad cholesterol remains high, it may lead to life-threatening health conditions. Monosaturated fats in canola oil reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol.

Keep an eye on what you eat

Keeping a track of what you eat is one of the best ways to prevent the unwanted belly fat from getting stored in our body.

Counting the calories, keeping a food diary and taking pics of your food are some of the efficient ways. This will help you become more aware of your calorie intake and allow you to change your weight loss diet if needed.

According to multiple studies, people who track their food intake are more likely to achieve their weight loss goals in a short span of time


Drinking at least two servings of any type of cows' milk everyday is more likely to have lower fasting insulin, indicating better blood sugar control -- risk factors for metabolic syndrome, a study claims.

Metabolic syndrome is defined as the presence of at least three of five conditions that increase the risk of excess belly fat, diabetes, stroke--high blood pressure, heart disease, high levels of blood sugar or triglycerides, and low "good" cholesterol levels.


The results showed that children who had less than one cup of milk per day had significantly higher levels of fasting insulin than those who drank less than or at least two cups a day.

Water consumption

Last but not the least, water is considered to help in achieving a flat stomach. It may help with weight loss by increasing metabolic rate temporarily.

Drinking water may increase the total energy expenditure by up to 100 calories per day for a person. Having water before meals can make one feel fuller, so he/she will ultimately eat fewer calories.

Water also helps in relieving constipation and reducing belly bloating.

[caption id="attachment_324956" align="aligncenter" width="750"]Woman-drinking-water Source: File Photo[/caption]

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