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Top 3 Tips For Kitchen Gardening

Having a garden in your backyard is the best thing for good health. Getting fresh produce for cooking is a delight and it is a moment of joy when you pluck fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruits from your garden and use it immediately. Moreover, it also ensures that you are getting an organic product free from pesticides and harmful fertilizers. Here are some kitchen-gardening tips that will contribute to enhancing your skills as a gardener:

1. Sunlight Is Must

Most vegetables including small shrubs or fruit-bearing veggies like cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes or squash require a good amount of sunlight. So when you plan to plant these veggies make sure that the place receives an adequate amount of sunlight. Ideally, it should be a place that receives Sun’s light the first time in the morning.

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For growing edibles places that receive a bit less of light are just appropriate. You can grow edible produce here like herbs and leafy crops.

2. Healthy And Rich Soil

It is rather the first step for starting kitchen gardening. For the successful production of good quality vegetables and that too in good number, healthy and rich soil is the key. Opt for the soil test procedure for getting an idea of the pH value and fertility level of the soil. Accordingly, you will have to choose the right crop for your kitchen garden and also make changes in the bio-fertilizers and manure that you are using.

Homemade compost, organic fertilizers, and organic well-composed animal manures are the best to ensure chemical-free produce.

3. Start Small

The idea of kitchen gardening is indeed very inspiring and initially, you may enjoy working in the garden. But it requires a bit of upkeep and maintenance. Although its maintenance is very low it does require some taking care. That is why, instead of using the entire available area of the plot for gardening, you should start with a smaller area. Beginners should start with container-friendly veggies or herbs that can easily grow in window-boxes.

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