Protect Eyes in Summer: Tips to Get Your Eyes Summer-Ready

Are you concerned about your health? Everyone longs for food, health and overall fitness, especially during humid summer days. However, many of us take least care of some specific body parts while getting over-occupied to boost up physical fitness.

Eyes are the jewels of your body that allow you to view the world and everything around you. Can you imagine a few minutes of your day in darkness? Those jewels also are very sensitive and needs special care. Everyday stress and your lifestyle choices can affect your eyes which can lead to serious issues.

Your eyes need special care in summer days as the summer heat and the harmful rays may affect the valuable organ. Apart from a good eyesight, we need efforts to prevent dryness, redness, puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles. So, here we bring a collection of a few tips to get your eyes summer-ready preventing the likely issues caused due to excessive heat and temperature:

Use Clean Hands to Wipe Your Eyes and Avoid Rubbing

Eyes are susceptible to infection and so you use sunglasses to protect your eyes from dust particles. It’s human tendency to wipe and rub the eyes if anything gets inside it. But, do you know, not using clean hands to wipe the eyes may scale up the chances of eye-conjunctivitis. You may permanently damage your eyes by rubbing after something rough gets into the eyes. Avoid rubbing and use clean hands as well as clean water to wash or wipe your eyes.

Wear Sunglasses with Ultraviolet Protection

It is regardless to advise that wearing sunglasses in the outdoors will act as a shield for your eyes. But, does your sunglass protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiation? Ultraviolet rays are harmful to your skin as well as your eyes. Overexposure to UVB and UVA rays may cause development of cataracts, pterygium or even skin cancer of the eyelids. Thus, make sure to use sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection.

Use Goggles when Swimming

Pool is indeed the favourite place for many of us to reduce the impacts of scorching heat. But, the pool water may harm your eyes. Chlorine and other chemicals are used to keep the pool water clean. Such chemicals may affect the natural tear film in the eyes which keep the eyes healthy and moist. If you get inside the pool with chlorine water, you are likely to develop issues like redness, blurry vision and gritty-feeling eyes. You can use swim goggles before you splash into the pool to enjoy the coolness of the pool. Make sure to wash your eyes using fresh water immediately after you get outside of the pool.

Quit Smoking and Alcohol Consumption

If you wish to keep your eyes healthy, quit smoking and alcohol consumption. Smoke and alcohol may raise the risks of several eye diseases like macular degeneration, cataracts, etc. Smoking generates free radicals which damages the eyes and also escalates the risks of arterial disease.

Adequate Sleep

Your eyes needs ample amount of rest. The eyes bears loads of stress throughout the day and if it doesn’t get rest, the vision power will slowly start degrading. Tired eyes tend to get drier which encourages rubbing. Rubbing of eyes increases the exposure risks to irritants and diseases.

Eat Nutritious Food and Drink Plenty of Water

Your eyes need rich source of vitamin, minerals and antioxidants to improve your eyesight. Nutritious food helps in preventing vision problems. Add spinach, carrots, broccoli and sweet potato to your daily diet. Omega-3 fatty acid is also beneficial for eyes. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water for maintaining healthy eyes.

Disclaimer: This piece of information is an informative one only. It is always advisable to consult an experienced healthcare expert and seek the best suggestions to get the best benefits.