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By Dr Subasish Behera

Gone are the days when dental treatments and a visit to a dentist were a horror story. With constant advancements in technology and remedies, dental treatments have become so advanced that they are painless and less invasive now.

Dentistry, in spite of being one of the oldest branches of medicine, is often undervalued. To this day, dentists play an important role in the medical profession. Today (the 6th of March) on the National Dentist’s Day, it is imperative to bring awareness among people about dentistry so that they gain knowledge about maintaining oral health and hygiene.

Dentists use this day to aware and encourage people to take care for their teeth. They also show up with posters to spread awareness on dental habits. Dentists also celebrate this day by posting health tips on the importance of smiling, oral health and asking people to do regular visits to check their dental health.

Oral hygiene is a must because good oral health translates to good health over all. Dental problems such as cavities and gum disease can impair your abilities to eat and speak properly, cause pain and bad breath.

Here is something everyone needs to know and follow to keep dental problems at bay.

- Brush your teeth at least two minutes, twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste.
- Clean between your teeth daily (Floss).
- Adult toothpaste and kids toothpaste are different.
- Eat a balanced diet and limit eating and drinking between meals, etc.
- Replace your toothbrush every three months (or sooner if the bristles begin to look worn out).
- Keep your tongue clean regularly.
- Always use soft or ultra soft toothbrush (strictly avoid hard bristle brushes).
- Don’t brush haphazardly because there is a specific technique of brushing.
- Consumption of acidic beverages (cold drinks, alcohol, soda) have detrimental effects on the tooth, avoid as much as possible.
- Abrasive toothpaste should be avoided (consult a dentist for better advice).
- Visit your dentist twice a year or as recommended by your dentist for prevention and treatment of oral diseases.

Professor Dr Subasish Behera (BDS, MDS) is a root canal specialist.

(DISCLAIMER: This is an opinion piece. The views expressed are the author’s own and have nothing to do with OTV’s charter or views. OTV does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.)

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