Udaan opened oppurtunities in Bollywood: Ram

Mumbai: Popular TV star Ram Kapoor, who earned critical acclaim playing young Rajat Barmecha`s sympathetic uncle in Vikramaditya Motwane`s `Udaan` says the movie has landed him prestigious projects in Bollywood.

"Thanks to Udaan, I got four projects–Sooraj Barajtya`s `Love U Mr Kalakaar`, Saif Ali Khan`s `Agent Vinod`, Karan Johar`s `Short Term Shaadi` and Mahesh Godiyal`s `Maaee` with Asha Bhosale," Ram said.

Speaking about his roles in the movies, he said it was a welcome change from the similar kind of roles offered to him on television in the last few years. According to him, more susccessful an actor becomes on television, there is lesser chance of experimentation. "Channels, producers and your fans want to see you the way they like," he said.

"Television has made me what I am today. I cannot regret.

But now, I have chosen film projects where I can show different sides of me. Apart from `Udaan`, I did `Kartik Calling Kartik` with Farhan Akhtar and Deepika Padukone," the actor said.

Ram said in Agent Vinod, he plays a Russian mafia don.

"The film is in three chapters. I come in the first Russian part and after killing me, Agent Vinod goes to Morrocco and then Paris. I will appear in a outrageous look in the film and I am looking forward to the audience reaction," he added.

In `Short Term Shaadi`, Ram said he will try his comic timings with Boman Irani and Ratna Pathak Shah, who play Imran Khan`s parents. "I play a real estate tycoon based in Las Vegas. I play Boman`s business associate," he added.

"In Love U Mr Kalakar, Ram said he plays Amrita Rao`s father. "I play the reason for the entire film to happen. When Tushar Kapoor and Amrita fall in love, they have to go against me since I am continously testing them," he said.

Ram said he does not consider this role as a negative one. "Any successful father of a daughter will want to satisfy his doubts if the daughter`s finacee is lower in financial strata," he felt.

Ram said television has always been about TRPs.

"Presently, it is more evident because the number of channels have also increased. Speaking about his new television show, `Bade Ache Lagte Hai` with Sakshi Tanwar, Ram said he had always had great success with Ekta Kapoor. He agreed that TV shows are very unpredictable.

"We are confident of our product. Whether it will be acceptable and at what level will be decided by the audience," he added.

When asked about reality TV, Ram said he had to back out of Swayamwar season three `Ratan Ka Rishta` due to date problems.

"I could not do the show as a host and I dont think I can ever participate as a contestant. It takes too much of time.

Even though there is good money, I think when you are at top level in the television industry, your normal acting also pays you as much," he felt.

Speaking about `Maaee`, Ram said he plays Asha Bhosale`s son-in-law. When asked if it was a positive character, he said,"for that you will have to watch the film."

The actor said the film was based on Alzheimer disease.

"Ashaji travelled to Bangalore to the Alzheimer institute and interacted with the patients," he added.

Ram said `Maaee` was planned to be a Marathi film. But the producers said since the story was so good, it should be made on a larger scale.