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The Kapil Sharma Show's Archana Puran Singh today shared a video of herself driving to the Filmcity for the shoot. In her message accompanying the video clip, the actress shares recipe for a happy marriage.

Archana says, "Shaadi ki khatti meethi recipe: Thodi nok jhonk. Thodi taang khichayee. Aur dher saari hansee: Chutki bhar 'ek saath' hansiye. Chammach bhar 'ek doosre' par hansiye. Aur karchhi bhar 'apne-aap' par hansiye. Phir uspar puraane gaano ka tadka lagaayein. Paroste waqt badhiya mausam chhidak dein. Bas... happy marriage taiyyar! (if there is such a thing!!!) @iamparmeetsethi."

Archana Puran Singh And Parmeet Nok-zhok While Driving to Filmcity

As the couple drives towards the Filmcity, Archana continues her banter while Parmeet is giving one-word responses. In the clip, the Bollywood actress says,  "We are on our way to shoot aur aaj dekho mere dono hath khali hai. So who is driving? " The camera zooms on her husband Parmeet Sethi who is driving the car. The husband says, "Naukar Biwi ka" to which Archana laughs in her typical way and chimes in, "Sahi jawab. Today Parmeet Sethi is driving me to the shoot aur yeh hai hamari Mud ki sadke. Kitni Khoobsurat hai. "

The couple is driving towards Filmcity from Mud Island in Mumbai where they live. The actress gives glimpses of the road from her home to her destination. Archana Puran Singh says that nowadays, you get traffic on road even in the morning. Obviously, she is in a jolly good mood. She starts singing 'ghar se nikalte hi kuch door chalte hi, traffic mil jaata hai. Subah subah gaana muzhe  nahi aata sham ko bhi nahi aata hai.'

In a typical husband-style response, Parmeet says, 'Sahi Bola.' Archana is also very quick in her response saying, "Sahi bola? It is very difficult to make Parmeet agree to what I say. But look, how easily he agreed to what I said." The nok-zhok continues as the couple keeps on driving towards Filmcity.

Archana Says, ' I Love You,' Parmeet Asks, Why?

At one point in time, Archana Puran Singh sings 'I Love You' from Yaadon Ki Baaraat while the original song runs in the background. Instead of getting happy, Parmeet asks, "Why? Kitna Zhoot." The actress is listening to her favorite old song and in between teasing her husband asking him to sing along with her. But Parmeet simply denies. After a few more jibes, nok-zhok, and old songs the couple finally reaches their destination.

Archana Puran Singh is a regular part of The Kapil Sharma Show. For a change, in one of the upcoming episodes, she will be accompanied by her husband Parmeet Sethi on the show.  Similarly, spouses of other artists Krushna Abhishek and Kiku Sharda will also grace the episode. The Kapil Sharma Show airs every weekend at 9.30 pm on Sony Television.

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