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Sangati Jogwar

“Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah” is gearing up to welcome Disha Vakani as Dayaben once again. And of course, it will bring a refreshing change in the serial that was much-awaited post exit of the actress from the series. According to rumors, Disha is expected to return sometime during the navratri celebrations. But more importantly, she will have some special role to play this time.

Dayaben To Do What Bhide Is Afraid Of

Since Daya is the lead character of the series, her entry will be marked by several new beginnings or changes. For a long time Bhide has feared that romance might develop between his daughter Sonu and Jethalal’s son Tappu. Even in the Ganapati celebration, the two were seen dancing together on a romantic number whereas the other members of Tappu Sena performed a different act.

Bhide was quite angry with Tappu and Sonu for dancing with each other but his wife Madhavi somehow calmed him. Now that Dayaben is returning to “Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah” she will watch the unexpressed romance between her son and Bhide’s daughter.

The two are quite young and are still unaware of their feelings for each other. But right from childhood both Tappu and Sonu have maintained that they are not brother or sister but good friends and Tappu even refused to tie a rakhi from Sonu on the same pretext when they were very young.

The character of Dayaben has the knack to understand people around her and somehow will find out that there is a possibility of romance between Tappu and Sonu. It is quite possible that the makers will not show this storyline immediately after the return of Disha Vakani and initially will give her time to settle on the show as she is returning after a gap of two years.

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