Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Bollywood actress Sunny Leone reportedly broke down during Arbaaz Khan's chat show 'Pinch'. Arbaaz's web show Pinch is all about inviting Bollywood celebrities to open up and share about their social media interactions. Sunny was the latest celebrity to appear on the show and responded to the trolls. Sunny opened up about her way of dealing the negativity on social media, trolls and much more.

In the chat session with Arbaaz, Sunny shared about her experience and the negativity that she recently went through after taking an initiative of crowdfunding in which she had urged her fans for donations towards Prabhakar Yedle's kidney transplant treatment.

"Prabhakar was sick long before I posted that. And Daniel and I took care of all his financial needs. All from the hospital bills, all of the blood transfusions that he would have to do because he had kidney failure. His kidneys were not working, maybe it was less than ten percent," said Sunny in the show.

The actress added Prabhakar was a quiet type person and he used to talk little. He also never asked anyone for any type of help though he was severely sick.

While elaborating the situation, the actress reportedly broke down remembering Prabhakar as the efforts made by her couldn't save his life and he passed away. Sunny clarified that she wished to do much more for him but failed.

Arbaaz read out few of the trolls that the actress had received on her post. One of the trolls read, if Sunny could buy a Maserati Ghibli Nerissimo, she can afford Rs 20 lakh for Prabhakar's treatment. Another troll read that some of her shoes and bags only worth Rs 20 lakh while another slammed the actress for begging for donations though she earns in millions.

Sunny reacted to the trolls in a way that would shut down the blabbers. The actress said that she didn't care what people think about her. The fact that makes her unhappy is that though she owns over hundred million dollars, she tried hard but was unable to save his life.

Currently, Sunny Leone's 'Karenjit Kaur- The untold story of Sunny Leone' is streaming on Zee5.