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Shah Rukh says Aamir, Salman senior actors

Mumbai: They may not be the best of buddies anymore, but the `Baadshah` of Bollywood has a soft corner for the reigning `Bodyguard` of the film industry.

Shah Rukh was his loquacious best while replying to a query on what he felt about the "phenomenon that is now the new Brand Salman Khan", at the `Express Adda` event, hosted by the Indian Express, here last night.

"These are my senior actors. They were working in films (for) about four years before I came. Aamir and Salman.

Everybody keeps talking about us, the triumvirate," SRK said.

"We were as friendly as could be. And at times very close, I believe. Aamir, myself and Salman, we shared some really good moments. We used to go for drives and stuff like that. Sometimes you realise that a lot of proximity, closeness brings about you know… too much familiarity and we step on each other`s toes."

Shah Rukh said, "To me, any star who does well, is fantastic. Audiences love the way he (Salman) dances. I can`t do that. It does not mean I can deride it. I have seen `Dabangg` and I think it is a fantastic film."

"To be reigning for 24 years as a movie star is a great achievement. I wish, when I grow up, I will also become a great star like one of these boys," he said.

"I have a huge amount of appreciation for anyone who has achieved any kind of stardom. When it comes to someone like an Aamir Khan or a Salman Khan or even the younger boys, I think you have to sit back and say, wow, it is very cool and just appreciate it.

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