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Replace Bollywood with HiFi, say Salman, Riteish

Mumbai: Actor Salman Khan`s suggestion that Mumbai`s Hindi film industry be called HiFi (for Hindi film industry) and not `Bollywood` has met with support from colleague Riteish Deshmukh.

"I totally love the term HI-FI for Hindi film industry, instead of Bollywood," Riteish tweeted, after Salman on Thursday mooted the idea.

"Hollywood se Bollywood naam nikla, this is not the name of our industry. Don`t know where this ridiculous name has come from and got stuck," Salman said.

"One of the first film productions was called Bombay Talkies, so call it that or Mumbai Talkies or Indian cinema. Call it anything but not Bollywood," he said.

"Bollywood was for when Mumbai was called Bombay," Salman said. He had yesterday said the name `Bollywood` is `disgusting` and that is not what the Mumbai film industry should be called.

"Hate this bloody name, Bollywood. Koi naam hai kya? disgusting," he had tweeted.

The word `Bollywood` is commonly used for the Hindi language film industry based in Mumbai and is often incorrectly used to refer to the whole of Indian cinema.

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