Prateik to stay away from promoting his films

Mumbai: In an age where marketing and publicity is as important for actors as their performances on screen, young actor Prateik has decided to stay away from promotions and communicate only through his characters.

Sources close to the actor, say that the 24-year-old son of late Smita Patil, who has proven his mettle as an actor with two strong yet understated performances in `Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na` and `Dhobi Ghat`, is actually a very shy person.

Prateik often needs time to bond with a person before opening up completely and chattering away. In fact, often while interacting with media persons as well, Prateik comes across as someone reluctant to speak to the media, and someone who is arrogant.

However that is not the case, says a source close to Prateik. "Prateik is an extremely shy boy. He needs time to break the ice, and thus he is not very forthcoming with the media."

In fact, Prateik has decided that he`d speak through his work.

Elaborates the source, "Prateik has decided that he`ll speak through his characters, as it is his work that he is most passionate about and it is that aspect that he wants to focus on."

Prateik, whose next movie `Dum Maro Dum` releases on April 22, has decided not to give interviews and feels that communicating through his characters is much better.