Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Kannada Film Industry (KFI) is roaring like never before. First, it was Yash ’s KGF Chapter 1, then it was 777 Charlie, KGF Chapter 2, Vikrant Rona, and now, it is Kantara . Actors from the sandalwood have been scripting records beyond imagination and their fandom is sprawling across the globe. 

While fan-wars on social media are quite common, Kantara fame Rishabh Shetty has spoken about KGF’s Rocky Bhai aka Yash. 

Recently, during an interview, when the host showed Rishab a photo of Yash, the Kantara actor’s face shined and he said, “Yash is such an inspirational man he is and people like us who are middle class and without any contact in this industry. Overcoming all these... the path that you should pursue for being successful! So people should learn that from him.”

Indeed, Yash from nowhere engraved the milestone that actors from pan-industries wish for. Yash’s struggle and achievement, certainly, is an inspiration for many young and aspiring actors. Yash’s achievements confirm that sheer dedication, devotion, and hard work will help to achieve success at the right time. 

Next, the host showed him Shiva Rajkumar’s photo to which Rishab reacted spontaneously and said, “Shiva anna, such an energetic actor he is and a living legend. So, Shiva, the character that I played… the hairstyle that he had in the 90s, I used it for reference. Here also we’ve got the backdrop of the 90s.”

Further, he added, “Shiva Anna used to do this hippie hairstyle. And even now that same energy can be seen in Shiva Anna.”