Katrina is stunningly beautiful: Anushka Sharma

Mumbai: With reports of their cat-fight over a make-up artist doing rounds, Yash Raj Films discovery Anushka Sharma says she has high regards for her co-actress Katrina Kaif and finds her "stunningly beautiful", even as she dubs the entire episode as "perturbing". Anushka and current YRF hot favourite Katrina Kaif started a new genre of cat-fights, when rumours of the two actresses fighting over a make-up artist surfaced.

"I will never enter the stage where I have to be in any kind of tussle with Katrina Kaif. I respect her a lot genuinely. For somebody to come from outside the world and make a mark is not easy. It is very difficult. It is very difficult to maintain your strength in the industry, despite being an outsider. I have lot of respect for her," Anushka told PTI in an interview.

"Having said all this…to fight over a make-up artist is silly. All this is perturbing. I am doing a film with her (Katrina). And I would like to maintain a good cordial and effective relation with all actors I work with," she said. Replying to a query on the remarks made by producer Aditya Chopra over her looks, Anushka said she took them in her stride.

"Whatever Aditya said is true. I don`t think I am the best looking girl in the industry. I don`t think I am like the perfect face or whatever. But I know what I am capable of and what my good things are," the chirpy actress said. Clarifying on Aditya`s remark, Anushka said what the producers intended to say was not to merely rely on good looks.

"This is good advice he gave me. Katrina Kaif looks stunning…she is beautiful. She is just like a perfect face," she said.