Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Following reports claiming that pop star Rihanna was paid around 2.5 million dollars to tweet in favour of the ongoing farmers' protest, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut on Friday expressed her shock, and took a dig at the pop singer quoting the amount as "So Little".

According to a digital news platform- The Print, Poetic Justice Foundation (PJF), an organization based in Canada, played a “vital role” in “starting a global campaign”. Sources from the security establishment said that the campaign had the backing of “political leaders and activists based out of Canada”.

The Print report also stated that sources believe Skyrocket, a PR firm where pro-Khalistan activist Mo Dhaliwal is a director, paid $2.5 million to pop star Rihanna to tweet in favour of the farmers' protests.

When converted into Indian currency, the amount comes to around Rs 18 crore.

Kangana expressed shock at the figure and slammed Rihanna by saying, "So little!!?"

The actress further stated that she gives her "friends gifts of the same amount" and called these International celebrities "biggest fraud" for commenting on India's farmers' protest.

"I don’t mean to brag, I don’t do fairness creams, item numbers, shows, big hero films and now all brands cancelled my contracts also, still whatever little I earn most of it I give away and in return gain so much more, not able to express how to encourage people to give, that’s all," said Kangana in her Twitter post.

The Print also quoted the sources saying that the toolkit shared by climate activist Greta Thunberg was “fed to her” as part of a “larger conspiracy to create disharmony” in India.

Further, actor Shekhar Suman also took to his Twitter handle to join many celebrities in fighting against the propaganda against India. Suman asserted that 'Matters of home should stay home,' amid the ongoing row over pop sensation Rihanna and climate activist Greta Thunberg commenting on the ongoing farmers' protest on the outskirts of the national capital Delhi.

Earlier, actor Ranvir Shorey shared a video where he was seen playing the guitar, can be heard singing, “Rihanna toh bahana hai, kisano ke khando se bandook chalana hai. Greta toh unpadh hai. Modi ko sharminda karke, Papppu PM banana hai.” (Rihanna is just an excuse, they want to fire off the farmers’shoulders. Greta is illiterate. They want to emnbarass Modi, and make Pappu the PM)

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