Imperative to address issue of Naxalism soon: Abhay

Mumbai: He plays the role of a young rebel in his upcoming film `Chakravyuh` and actor Abhay Deol feels the issue of Naxalites will get worse if the government and society does not tackle it at the earliest.

"I had some knowledge because I had read this story of a lady called Soni Suri, a tribal lady who is stuck between police and Naxals. But to what extent and how deep this Naxal movement is something I got to know after meeting Prakashji. I had this feeling that it will get worse, it is not going to get better not unless the government addresses it, or we all Indians do something about it," Abhay told reporters here last night at the first look of `Chakravyuh`.

"Unfortunately, I had a very negative outlook after finishing this film…I wish characters like Arjun (who plays a courageous police officer) existed in real life. I know characters like mine and Anjali Patil`s (Naxalite) do exist but if characters like Arjun and Esha exist..I don`t know," he said.

It is for the first time that Abhay will be working with Prakash Jha. "I had lot of fun doing this film. It is my first action film. I love to do action. We have done a lot of stunts…Prakashji made me run and do all sort of action stuff. But it was fun, it was like a picnic," he said.

For this film and to get into the skin of the character, Abhay did a workshop with Jha.

"I did workshop with Prakashji for one week. We did script reading, character break down. As I had some knowledge on this Naxal movement he focused more on character than on the background. We have seen educated, city based people who have chosen this path as they have seen injustice happening. I am fortunate to be part of this film. As an actor I have this opportunity to portray this character which is a great thing," he said.