I am not overworking: Big B

Mumbai: Having acted in over 180 films in the last four decades and being active on the small screen as well, megastar Amitabh Bachchan, who will turn 70 soon, feels he is not overworking himself.

Bachchan says he can’t think of slowing down more and that he would continue to work as long as he is healthy.

“The definition of slowdown might not be the same for all. For every person this yardstick will differ. At this point of time I don’t think I am overworking myself. If people are expecting me to slowdown, in my eyes I would be losing on work. I am comfortable with the kind of work that I am doing,” Bachchan told PTI.

After making is film debut with ‘Saat Hindustani’ (1969), the veteran actor’s last release was ‘Department’ this year.

“I don’t aspire for anything. If something falls in my lap I would be happy to accept it. I would continue working according to wishes and expectations of the audience. So long as I am healthy and mobile I would try doing some work. I don’t make resolutions in terms of roles, I am not in a state to make resolutions because I am 70 now and obviously I can’t play a 30-year-old. So whatever is offered to me, I do those kinds of roles. The offerings are obviously of a senior citizen, elderly doctor, judge, that kind of stuff,” he added.

In February last year, Bachchan was hospitalised due to abdominal pain and had to undergo a surgery.

On October 11 he would turn 70, but the number does not scare him at all. “No (it does not scare me), why it should? I can’t understand why people consider 70 (years) to be some kind of landmark or something, why not 71 or 69,” Bachchan said.

“Since I have a job to do I have to honor it; it is a commitment. I get up in the morning because I have commitments to work and I have to be there at particular time. I have to take out time from my normal routine including getting ready, going to gym, and then to work,” he said.