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Hollywood yet to understand Asian market: Tom Hanks

Singapore: Tom Hanks, who has entertained global audiences with films right from `Philadelphia` to `Da Vinci Code`, says Hollywood can neither understand cinematic demands in Asia nor change to reflect it.

Talking about growing Asian film markets just before the premiere of his film `Larry Crowne` at ScreenSingapore, a film business event held June 5-12, the 54-year-old actor said the success or failure of Hollywood films in Asia cannot be predicted.

"Hollywood is not going to change. Whether Asian societies will relate to a film, we idiots in Hollywood can`t say. It could do horribly at home and fabulously here or vice versa," Hanks told PTI.

Fifteen years after his debut directorial `That Thing You Do!`, Hanks has directed his second feature `Larry Crowne`, beside producing, co-writing and acting in the lead alongside Julia Roberts.

The film is a romantic comedy drama about a man who gets fired from his job, goes back to college and falls in love with his teacher.

"It`s a great gift to go back to college. I went to junior community college, and Shakespeare changed my life. I still know the `Tempest`, `Othello` and `Richard III` because our teacher was so good. And the astronomy class in the planetarium was magical. Most of us had at least one teacher who was fabulous," Hanks said.

Speaking about the challenges of wearing multiple hats, the actor-turned-filmmaker says, "Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) and I worked on the script for six years. I wanted to explore the reinvention of a man who loses his job and goes back to college.

"We didn`t want to just illustrate the tragic fate of an unemployed man, but be rooted in reality and yet foment faith in oneself. It wasn`t as difficult as you`d imagine, to jump back and forth before and behind the camera, because I was prepared for it."

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