Hailee Steinfeld to play Sleeping Beauty

London: She won an Oscar nomination at the age of 14 for `True Grit` and now Hailee Steinfeld is set to play Sleeping Beauty in a re-take of the classic fairytale.

The actress who won over the critics with her turn as a young girl seeking revenge for the murder of her father in the gritty Western, will now play a princess, reported Daily Mail online.

The new version of the film is being written by screen writer Lindsay Devlin.

The new version will give the star more to do than just sleep as it will follow her as she enters a dream world and has to find her way out.

Steinfeld is also currently being considered to play the lead role in the novel-based film `Forgotten`, from the upcoming book of the same name by Cat Patrick.

After being one of the youngest ever actresses to be nominated for an Academy Award at this year’s Oscars she is set to have a busy year with several other offers on the table. The young California native had only starred in several television bit parts before landing the lead role in the Cohen Brothers adaptation of the classic John Wayne western `True Grit` alongside Jeff Bridges.