Govinda happy with his third inning in Bollywood

Mumbai: In the film which releases this Friday, Govinda is paired opposite Yuvika, who is almost half his age but this has not deterred him.

"I did not think she is my daughter`s friend or half my age. The moment you start personalising things you cannot remain a good actor one has to forget all this," he said.

After a successful stint in Bollywood till late 1990s, Govinda`s career hit a rough patch. To which the actor, says, "I have seen everything success…failure. I feel bad times affect you only when you let that happen. Everybody has a day…mine too will soon come."

Later, Govinda, entered politics for a short time and then made a comeback with David Dhawan`s `Partner` and `Bhaagam Bhag` both released in 2007. He had Mani Ratnam`s `Raavan` alongside Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai but the movie failed to creat magic at the box office.