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Odishatv Bureau

Sonakshi Sinha has come a long way since making her debut in the film “Dabangg” opposite Salman Khan. Before entering the movies, the daughter of shotgun Shatrughan Sinha weighed around 90 kgs. She loved to munch on junk food and never followed any workout regimen. Even though everyone criticized her for being plump, Sonakshi never gave any heed to what body shamers thought about her.

It was Salman Khan who brought her in movies and he was the one who motivated her to lose weight. Today, Sonakshi weighs 60 kgs having lost 30 kgs of weight. But it was not an easy journey for Sonakshi who had a history of binging on junk foods and no-workout lifestyle.

Persistent Efforts And Disciplined Lifestyle

Sonakshi starts are a day with a cup of warm water, honey and lime juice on an empty stomach, an age-old method to flush out toxins, improve bowel movement and lose weight. She eats low-fat milk, cereal, and a whole-wheat toast to ensure that her body gets the required number of complex carbohydrates, potassium, calcium, and dietary fiber.

At lunch, she has vegetable curry, salad, and chapattis. In between, she drinks green tea and eats fresh fruits. Dinner comprises of fish or chicken or dal-all sources of lean protein along with the mixed veggie curry. Sonakshi makes sure that she eats after every 2 to 3 hours and never eats carbs after 6 pm. That is not all! The “Lootera” actress eats weight-gain food in moderation to maintain a fabulous body.

Apart from following dietary restrictions, Sonakshi hits the gym at least twice a week to lose fat, and build strength and lean muscle mass. Currently, she is getting trained under celebrity fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala. Her workout regime is a mix of cardio, functional training, weight training, spinning, hot yoga, and playing tennis or swimming.

By Sangati Jogwar

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