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Disha Salian Death: 5 Unforgivable Lapses By Mumbai Police


Disha Salian’s case is once again in the limelight after Bihar police started probing its connection with the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. However, during this probe, some shocking facts have come to the fore. And these are nothing but lapses from the side of the Mumbai police which cannot be overlooked.

Earlier during an interview, Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut backed Mumbai police and mocked the police officials from Bihar. But the lapses in the case of Disha Salian point out that the police from India’s economical capital have this time failed to live up to the expectations.

5 Lapses From Mumbai Police in Disha Salian Case

There are a few points indicating that the Mumbai police were not prompt in the Disha Salian case.

Absence of Forensic Team on the spot

The forensic team is usually called in the case of mysterious death or suicide. Disha Salian fell from the 4th floor while her friends were enjoying the party. Thus, her death was indeed suspicious. But the Mumbai police did not call any forensic team for examining the spot of her death which is sort of evading the regular protocol.

Delay of 48 hours in Autopsy

According to the latest media reports, the Malvani police in charge of Disha Salian’s death investigation sent her body for autopsy after 2 days. Normally in such cases, the officials are quick enough to send the body immediately for autopsy. Also, the police department did not do the video recording of the autopsy which is a must.

Police Did not Preserve Disha’s Clothes

In the case of a mysterious death, the clothes of the deceased person are preserved as major evidence. But the Mumbai police do not have it as of now. As a matter of fact, the post-mortem report indicates that the ex-manager of Sushant suffered head and multiple unnatural injuries.

Latest reports also indicate that she even suffered injuries on the private parts. Clothes would have certainly indicated whether Disha was molested before falling down.

No nail clippings stored

Many times the nail clippings of a victim help in solving a mysterious death case. Unfortunately, the police department of Mumbai does not have the nail clippings of Disha Salian which is unusual. It could have been major evidence.

Phone Sent 4 Days after her post-mortem for Retrieving data 

First, the police sent the body of Disha Salian for post-mortem after 48 hours from her death. Next, they even delayed the post-mortem of her cellphone. Nowadays, details on the mobile phone are very helpful in understanding the cause of death. Surprisingly, these details are still not available.

As the Bihar police will go deeper into the case of Disha Salian to check whether it had any connection with Sushant Singh Rajput’s case more such lapses may come to the fore.

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