Did not take family support to become an actor: Varun

Mumbai: Despite his father David Dhawan being a `comedy king` and brother Rohit a director, newbie Varun says he chose to be an actor, that too on his own without using his family`s influence.

David`s younger son Varun is making his acting debut with Karan Johar`s directorial venture `Student of the Year`.

"He did not support me (in filmy career). He did not tell me that don`t become an actor…he was like become what you want. He asked me how I will become an actor? As a father he supported me at every step in life and gave all the things and comfort needed," Varun told PTI in an exclusive interview.

"But he never used his influence to get me anywhere and will never do that. All that he told me is become an actor if you want to but don`t spoil my name. He told me make sure that I get a good script and a good…big banner," he said.

David has tickled the funny bone with movies like `Bol Radha Bol`, `Raja Babu`, `Aankhen`, `Coolie No 1`, `Judwaa`, `Partner` and others with actors including Govinda, Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor, Karisma Kapoor and Juhi Chawla even as Govinda`s career reached new heights with his movies.

"He was never going to launch me because he never launched anyone. My cousin Siddhant Dhawan wanted to be an actor but he never launched him. Right now I am looking at carving my own niche, own identity," Varun said.

"My mother had told me that my father will never help me and be ready to travel alone in this journey. I am happy that he was never there. I wanted to do it my own way. The struggle that I went through shook me very badly," he said.

Varun always harboured the dream of becoming an actor but he walked all alone in this journey without any help and support from his family.

"My whole life has gone like I am David Dhawan`s son, so I used to ask myself who am I, I know I am his son. But apart from that what? I need to prove myself and create my identity. Earlier it was like father and brother has done this work, I was like a black sheep of the family, everyone had no idea of what i will do," Varun said.

After he worked as an assistant director for Karan Johar`s 2010 blockbuster `My Name is Khan`, he got his forthcoming film `Student of the Year`, this time as an actor.

"Because of this film I have a standing in my house. How and when I got this film that only I know. My father and Karan Johar are not friends, they don`t know each other well. I had to cross over and how I did is my own thing…what I went through? I have no complaints, am happy today," he said.

Despite not being directed by his father in his debut film, Varun dreams of working with him one day.

"I would be blessed if he would direct me. My father says it has to be right script and right time. Considering the kind of movies and the actors he has on board, I get very scared, like seeing Govinda`s performance. I don`t know if I can do it at this level. So I tell him, let me gain little experience, get more confidence and then probably," he said.

But Varun did consult his father for movies and things relating to showbiz. "I obviously did that, I used to consult him. Like if I did a song in the film I would show it to him. He used to tell me to put energy and all," Varun said.

"My dad was sure that I am in the best hand of the industry. Karan Johar is actor`s director. He will perform the scene, he will do the song and show it to us. He treated all of us equally, whose son and daughter we are he did not care much about it. Also, my theatre background helped me a little bit in understanding things," he added.

Produced by Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan`s Red Chilies Entertainment, `Student of the Year` releases on October 19.