Cheryl Cole wants more Victoria Beckham dresses

London: Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole wants to own more Victoria Beckham dresses in 2012 because she`s a huge fan of the former Spice Girls singer`s creations. The 28-year-old singer donned one of Victoria`s creations for an awards show in London earlier this year, and she says she is very keen to wear more of them in the next 12 months, reported Femalefirst online.

"I think Victoria Beckham is another girl who killed it this year. I love Victoria, I love her clothes and, actually, my festive wish would to be wearing more of it next year," Cole said.

Despite seeing her profile peak during her stint as a judge on UK TV show `X Factor`, for which she became known for her style, Cole said that fashion was the last thing on her mind when she was on the show.

"At the moment, I`m not constantly on TV, it`s not as intense as it once was. I feel more relaxed because I`m judging doing music, going to the studio. To be honest, when I was on `X Factor`, what I wore was the least of my worries. But it`s nice now not to have to even think about it, just to have a weekend," she said.