Bollywood is the big thing now: Bombay Rockers

New Delhi: They broke into the scene with `Ari Ari` and eight years later `Bombay Rockers` are back. This time the Danish hitmakers want to crack Bollywood, which they say is `the` big thing now.

Their new album `Rock and Dhol` mixes Rockers` signature beats with global influences collected during a continent-hopping tour and next stop is a Bollywood sound track.

"Bollywood is huge across the world now. We are in talks with producers to work on a film here and hopefully we will have some good news soon. We had some offers earlier but this is the right time to do it," Navtej Singh Rehal a.k.a Naf, who along with Scandinavian producer Thomas Sardorf makes up the band, told PTI.

Naf, who was born to Indian parents in Denmark, said that India has an advantage over the rest of the world because of it`s varied musical traditions.

"When we started out, Bollywood was globally not as mainstream as it is today. Now leading artistes like Lady Gaga and Britney Spears are doing desi remixes and Bollywood dance has a world wide following. India has so many varied musical traditions that gives it a edge over others " said the musician.

And the trend is here to stay, says Naf.

"I believe that it is not merely a fad because it started almost a decade ago with Punjabi MC who has worked with all the biggies like Jay-Z. Jay Sean has been topping the charts in the US and now the new names like Gaga are experimenting with it," said the artiste.

`Bombay Rockers“s latest album brought out by Universal was made on the road over the last two years.

"After `Crash and Burn` in 2007 we were constantly on the road and that is how `Rock and Dhol` happened. It has the signature Bombay Rockers electro dance masala mixed with beats we picked up from around the world," said Naf.

Their first video `Let`s Dance` is already out online and shooting for it was a fun but slightly claustrophobic experience.

"We shot in the Copenhagen metro and we had a whole line to ourselves for the day, so it was great fun. But at the end of it, I just wanted to get out and see some real light," said Naf.