Basyukta Basuprava

This year’s season of Bigg Boss was as unpredictable as Nikki Tamboli. During the show, some loved her, some hated her, but no one could ignore her. Apart from her loud behaviour and controversial tantrums, Nikki also grabbed eyeballs for her brief steaming chemistry with fellow Jaan. Even after walking out of the house, rumours of Nikki and Jaan dating have been rife.

Inside the Bigg Boss house, Kumar Sanu’s son Jaan was a close ally of Nikki in the start who was charmed by her. Jaan was always seen favouring or helping Nikki in the house and the two were always seen together in the show. Jaan was teased by Salman Khan due to his blinded love for Tamboli. Even after the fallout, when the two friends turned into foes and Nikki used to target Jaan, then also he used to favour her. Soon after they walked out of the house, rumours of their relationship started doing rounds. Fans speculated that Nikki finally accepted Jaan’s feelings.

However, recently the Kanchana star reacted to all the romance speculations and refuted them strongly while calling Jaan, not her type. Known for not mincing her words, she was sharp and brutal as always while talking about Jaan. She said to TOI, “I don’t know why people are linking me up. I am absolutely single. Jaan and I were really close friends inside the Bigg Boss 14 house. But after coming out we are just cordial friends because I could not connect with him. I don’t think he is my type. I think to date a guy, he should be very much mature which unfortunately Jaan is not. I like strong personalities and I feel Jaan is very strong in his own eyes but not in mine.”

Moreover, Nikki Tamboli also reacted to Jaan’s mother alleging her of various things and even manipulating him during the Bigg Boss game. “Jaan’s mother had said a lot of negative things about me in her interviews and even abused me in one of the interviews. So I don’t think I can ever get attracted to him. I always keep telling him don’t be in bad influence and be focused in life. He also guides me. But there can’t be any dating thing between us because he is not my type,” she said.