Ben Stiller helps in raising funds for Somalia

Los Angeles: Actor Ben Stiller joined forces with other celebrities in an effort to send aid to Somalia, where a food crisis is currently ravaging the nation.

The 51-year-old comedian on Friday helped raise over $1 million in under 24 hours to help Somalis facing starvation, reports

The “Zoolander” actor teamed up with Jerome Jarre of video platform Vine and Snapchat fame to ask Turkish Airline for help sending resources to the hungry.

Stiller posted a video on Twitter which explained the dire food situation in Somalia.

He also shared a plan thought up by Jarre with fans. Jarre wondered if Turkish Airlines could help the stars deliver resources to people in need, so Stiller used his Twitter account to get the airline’s attention.

With the help of NFL star Colin Kapernick and stars like American YouTube star Casey Neista, they got the airliner to promise one of their cargo aircrafts to send food to the African nation.

According to, the stars were able to raise enough donations to promise 60 tonnes of food in their first relief mission.