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Ballary not keen on Bheja Fry 3

Mumbai: Though filmmakers in Bollywood are on a roll making sequels, director Sagar Ballary wants to limit his `Bheja Fry` franchise till the second part and is not contemplating making a next one.

"I am right now in a situation where lots of people are doing it and looking at it as franchise to make sequels. But`Bheja Fry 2`is not franchise by choice it is a franchise by demand," Ballary told media.

"At this point of a time we are not even thinking of part three.. our focus is on part two. We very well realise that it is not a golden goose which should be cut in and all the eggs should be taken," he said.

After making the audiences laugh out loud with `Bheja Fry` after four years, Ballary is all set to hit the chord with `Bheja Fry 2`.

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