Ayan Mukherjee wants to remake grandpa’s ‘Love in Simla’

Mumbai: Director Ayan Mukherjee would love to remake his grandfather Sashadhar Mukherjee's 1960 film 'Love in Simla'.
"I loved 'Love in Simla'. I don't think many people are aware of it. If I would ever have to remake a film, it would be this movie as I loved it a lot. I have watched it many times," Ayan said in an interview.
'Love In Simla', a 1960 film, was produced by Sashadhar Mukherjee and his Filmalaya production house.
Directed by R K Nayyar, it had the producer's son, Joy Mukherjee, in lead opposite Sadhana.
The film was a huge hit.
Since Ayan hails from a filmi family – grandfather was a filmmaker and his father is popular actor Deb Mukherjee – it was an obvious step for him to enter films, but he had to struggle.
"It was very natural but complicated. Older people in the industry talk highly of my grandfather. Unfortunately I never saw his success. In my father's generation a lot of them worked in films but they existed somewhere on the outskirts of Bollywood," Ayan said.
"While growing up there was an influence of films. I grew up listening words like screenplay, editing, Satyajit Ray or Bimay Roy. There was a desire to be in films but I did not have an access to stars. It was little bit of an insider and outsider. It played a role in developing my passion for films but it did not help me much in entering films," he said.
Ayan also said that if given a chance, he would love to make a film with his cousins Kajol and Rani.
Ayan made his directorial debut with 'Wake up Sid', which was a hit, and now is looking forward to the release of his second romantic film 'Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani', which has Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone in the lead.