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Arjun Rampal’s Grandfather: Meet The Man Who Designed First Gun For India


Arjun Rampal’s maternal grandfather, Brigadier Gurudayal Singh developed the first gun for the Indian Army. The actor confirmed these details some time ago in a throwback interview for the promotion of his movie Pagalpanti. At one point in time, he even wanted to make a movie based on him.

Revisiting Memories of Arjun Rampal’s Granddad

Arjun Rampal‘s maternal grandfather Brigadier Gurudayal Singh designed the first artillery gun for the army after independence. Incidentally, it was one of the few guns which were also used during the Kargil War. The actor has an army background as both his grandfathers -paternal as well as maternal served the army.

While discussing about the gun Arjun said, “It’s light artillery, a long-range gun which one can easily take and airdrop or carry up into the mountains. Though grandfather had not studied engineering, he had a very intelligent mind and worked on the design with lots of engineers.”

The actor further added, “The gun took him two years to design and is still used in the Indian army more than 40 years later. Most weapons are discontinued when they become old. My brother Colonel Shashi Rampal told me that the gun was used in the Kargil war.”

Brigadier Gurudayal Singh served the country in both World War I and II. Whenever Arjun Rampal visited his place along with his siblings in Jabalpur he would tell stories of two Samurais. These were given to him by the Japanese Army.

My Grandfather Rose From a Jawan to Brigadier

Arjun Rampal recalls how during World War 2  his grandfather serving the British Army as commanding officer defeated the Japanese Army. As was customary, the Japanese officer surrendered the samurais to Gurudayal Singh. The actor thinks that his grandfather was a very special man who rose from the scale of a jawan to become a Brigadier.

The artillery center in the museum of Deolali is dedicated to Brigadier Gurudayal Singh. That is why even today Arjun Rampal proudly remembers his grandfather as a decorated officer.

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