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Basyukta Basuprava

Akshay Kumar took to Twitter on Saturday to break his silence on all the news surrounding Bollywood after Sushant Singh Rajput's demise.

He said that many issues of the film industry have come to the forefront after the incident and talked about the drug issues in Bollywood which has become the centre of attention in the country.

The Khiladi said, "I do not hesitate to say that the problem does exist and will not deny it. But  it would be very incorrect to blame everyone from the Bollywood industry, like the Hindi film industry, the drugs issues must be existing in other industries and professions as well. It would be wrong to say that everyone in Bollywood is involved in drugs."

Akshay also added that it is the audiences and fans who have made actors such big stars with their love and support, and Bollywood is what it is because of the film audience and they won't put them down by doing anything that would hurt them.

He further said, " Drugs and narcotics is a legal matter and all the authorities and law enforcement will take the appropriate action on the matter."

Slamming the media coverage over the issue, Akshay Kumar said, "I have immense faith in the power of media but media needs to report sensitively on such matter."

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