Sangati Jogwar

Abhishek Bachchan feels that his character of Avinash in the movie Breathe: Into The Shadows is very special to him. It is more so because Abhishek for the first time portrayed a person with a split personality. Recently the actor shared the world of Dr. Avinash Sabharwal, on social media. In the video clip, junior Bachchan revealed the challenge, the process, and the preparation he required for portraying the split personality of Avinash.

Abhishek Bachchan was Thrilled Right From The Start

The actor says that he felt thrilled right from the moment Mayank Sharma pitched the story of Breathe: Into The Shadows to him. He says, "The basic idea, the plot idea is something I really loved. Now, this is the first time in my career of two decades that I got a character with this kind of shades. I have no problem saying that I never ever played anything like that before."

Abhishek Bachchan further adds, "The basic theme of Breathe is how far you would go for your love for your family. So actually decent of the character into hell is not very demonstrative emotionally. And there is only one moment in the first couple of episodes where he cannot take it anymore. Suddenly you see he is covering all of it pretending it to his wife."

Abhishek Has High Words for Breathe Co-star Nithya Menen

The actor says Nithya Menen was a revelation for him. According to Abhishek, his co-star in Breathe: Into The Shadows is amazing, effortless, so very natural. The actor says that he is thankful that he got an opportunity to work with Menen. He also talks about the relation between Kabir (Amit Sadh) and Avinash that is laced with doubt.

While opening up on the preparation for playing a split personality, Abhishek relied mostly on discussions. He discussed every episode in-depth with the team, sometimes for 7 to 8 hours. Slowly they zeroed on the characters of Avinash and J.  Deciding on the limp of J took the longest to finalize because it is more of a psychological limp rather than a physical disability.

Other aspects of the character of J like not blinking, his body language, child-like quality also evolved over the discussion.

Abhishek Bachchan made his OTT debut through Breathe: Into The Shadows last month released on Amazon Prime. Fans of AB-baby loved his portrayal of both Avinash and J and want him to do a third season.