‘Aami Aar Amar Girlfriends’ crosses the censor hurdle

Kolkata: Apparently relieved over the Censor Board decision to pave the way for the release of 'Aami Aar Amaar Girlfriends', the first chick film in the country, director Moinak Bhowmik on Sunday said he revision committee did not impose much fetters on the film.

I am relieved with the way the revision committee understood and appreciated the focal point of the film which gives more than a glimpse into a girls world, their pastimes, hangout zones, their little wishes and frustrations, not looking at them differently as denizens of another planet, Moinak said here on Sunday evening.

The film, being released on May 10, was passed by the four-member Censor Review Board with little cuts, a beep when one of the main characters Swastika Mukherjee mouths a certain term about a hooker and when Raima Sen, another member of the three Charlies Angels, dwell on a relationship as beyond conformity.

The films release had earier been postponed when the Censor Board objected to some footage and also the posters announcing the flicks release before its consent though producers Aditya of Aditya Productions and Entertainment had said the posters were made after trailers of the film were okayed by Censor.

All we now want is look forward to an exciting release, happy that Censor understood our point and the first girlie flick coming in theatres, Aditya and Satrajit of Tripod Entertainments, co-producer of the movie, said.

I have seen how men react and behave at the sight of and in the company of women, who, however, prove to be more level headed and pragmatic.

"Their psyche is different, There lies a difference between the two genders and that also gets reflected in my film," Mainak said about the film which brings to the fore the psyche of career-driven, city women having their own minds.

"My association with close friends, not categorising as boys and girls, their characteristics and traits perhaps helped me in etching out the characters in 'Ami Aar Amar Girlfriends' which also talks on women's empowerment," he said.

Celluloid diva Raima Sen and upcoming, talented actor Parno Mitra are the other two girls in the film, dwelling on the domain of a girls world.