India not taking action against notorious markets: US

Washington: India has not taken meaningful and effective action against notorious markets like the Nehru Place in New Delhi where counterfeit products are openly sold, the US has alleged.

“Numerous markets in India have appeared in past Lists, with no identified meaningful, effective response by the Indian government,” the US Trade Representative (USTR) said in its ‘Out-of-Cycle Review of Notorious Markets’ report released on Thursday.

“The United States continues to raise the importance of IPR protection and enforcement with India, underscoring the need to combat counterfeiting and piracy in both online and physical markets,” it said.

“The United States encourages India to take sustained and coordinated enforcement action at the Nehru Place (New Delhi), previously-listed markets, and numerous other non-listed markets in its territory,” the USTR said.

The report highlights certain physical and online markets around the world that are reported to engage in and facilitate substantial copyright piracy and trademark counterfeiting that harms US businesses and undermines American workers.

“American innovation fuels our economy. Intellectual property protects the contributions and livelihoods of the 40 million Americans whose jobs are supported by intellectual property-intensive and associated industries,” USTR Mike Froman said.

“The theft we’re shining a light on today is detrimental not only to creators and inventors, but also to consumers, who may be deceived and even endangered by Notorious Markets engaging in counterfeiting and piracy.

“Our commitment to underscore the protection of intellectual property rights has produced real results, and today’s action is another important part of that effort,” he said.