Daily Horoscope for Capricorn, April 18, 2024: Navigate life’s challenges with resilience and integrity


Uttarasadha: Relationships with siblings are poised for improvement, fostering an atmosphere of increased happiness, cleanliness, and enjoyment. Notably, advancements are anticipated within the business domain, potentially accompanied by the acquisition of significant conveniences leading to financial gains.

Shravana: Challenges in trade and transportation are expected to dissipate, while potential administrative hurdles may arise. However, there's optimism as collaborative support is forecasted in educational pursuits. Additionally, interactions with neighbors could inspire engagement in religious activities beyond immediate surroundings.

Dhanistha: A robust and determined approach to leadership in politics is foreseen, offering opportunities to be recognized and awarded for one's sharp intellect. Moreover, the phase suggests the possibility of reconnecting with old friends, fostering a sense of reunion and camaraderie.

  • Remedy :Despite all challenges, the stars suggest a remedy for navigating through this period – worship Maa Sarala for good fortune.
  • Auspicious Day :Friday, Saturday
  • Auspicious color :Blue and Black
  • Lucky Numbers :6
  • Gemstone :Nilam
  • God :Lord Shiv
  • Goddess :Maa Dakhinakali
  • Rudraksha :13-faced Mukhi
  • Inauspicious Day :Tuesday
  • Ghatachandra :Leo
  • Ghatatithi :Chaturthi, Navami and Dwadasi
Deepak Acharya
Deepak Acharya

Jyotirvid Deepak Acharya (Bhabishya Jyoti) is a Jyotisha Sudhakara and has 15 plus years of experience. 
Deepak  Acharya is an engineer in electronics, networking and hardware. He is also former engineer at IBM. He has completed  Jyotishsri and Jyotish Sudhakar at Bhagyalipi Gurukul (Odisha) under the guidance of late  Jyotirbid Dr. Nirmai Chandra Banarjee.
He has been awarded by several astrological and vastu organisations both National  and at International level.
Deepak Archarya is an expert in  Kundali Analysis,  Scientifically reading of horoscope, vastu expert and also suggests remedies by  gemstone,  perfoming  chandi patha, mangala dosha khandana, kala sarpa santi and dasa maha bidya puja since the past 15 years and continuing.  And he is a life member of Indian astrological  research  institute  (Jharkhand).

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