Daily Horoscope for Aquarius, Dec 4, 2023: Balancing act: Navigating health, success, and harmony across life's spheres


Here is the daily astrological prediction for Aquarius, the eleventh astrological sign in the zodiac. Building meaningful connections with others is crucial for emotional support and overall well-being. Academic pursuits may lead to a desire to study abroad, and success in politics is predicted through resilience and adaptability. Check what more you can expect today. 

Dhanishta: Individuals born under the Dhanishta nakshatra may face common health challenges, but these can be mitigated with proper care and attention. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and paying attention to physical well-being is crucial. Additionally, fostering meaningful connections with others can provide emotional support, reducing the impact of stress and contributing to overall well-being. In the professional sphere, success is foreseen in business endeavours. Striking significant deals and making wise investments can lead to financial prosperity. Within the family domain, cultivating a sense of contentment and harmony is key.

Shatabhisa: There may be minor argument within the family, but it is advised to deal everything calmly. Academically, those with Shatabhisha nakshatra may harbour a desire to pursue education abroad. In the realm of politics, you may find success through qualities of resilience and adaptability. A calm and patient approach to political endeavours can lead to notable achievements.

Purvabhadrapada: Displaying courage and a diplomatic demeanour can lead to success in the political arena. Upholding ethical principles will contribute to a positive public image and garner support from peers and constituents alike. Financially, there is a promising trajectory. Women are likely to efficiently complete work with minimal effort and achieve success in their endeavours  

  • Remedy :For those who follow rituals and traditions, it is suggested to engage in the worship of Rahu and recite mantras associated with it
  • Auspicious Day :Friday, Saturday
  • Auspicious color :Black, Blue
  • Lucky Numbers :3, 7
  • Gemstone :Blue Sapphire
  • God :Lord Ganesh
  • Goddess :Kali
  • Rudraksha :4 faced
  • Inauspicious Day :Thursday
  • Ghatachandra :Sagittarius
  • Ghatatithi :3rd, 8th, 13th
  • Ghata Naxatra :Adra
Deepak Acharya
Deepak Acharya

Jyotirvid Deepak Acharya (Bhabishya Jyoti) is a Jyotisha Sudhakara and has 15 plus years of experience. 
Deepak  Acharya is an engineer in electronics, networking and hardware. He is also former engineer at IBM. He has completed  Jyotishsri and Jyotish Sudhakar at Bhagyalipi Gurukul (Odisha) under the guidance of late  Jyotirbid Dr. Nirmai Chandra Banarjee.
He has been awarded by several astrological and vastu organisations both National  and at International level.
Deepak Archarya is an expert in  Kundali Analysis,  Scientifically reading of horoscope, vastu expert and also suggests remedies by  gemstone,  perfoming  chandi patha, mangala dosha khandana, kala sarpa santi and dasa maha bidya puja since the past 15 years and continuing.  And he is a life member of Indian astrological  research  institute  (Jharkhand).

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