Now, an electric scooter that costs a penny per mile

London: German engineers have created a new electric scooter which they say can run for over 32km in a single charge and may cost you just a penny per one mile.

Costing just 1,840 pounds, the TP Scoot has a 1,000W zero-emissions electric engine and is one of the most portable vehicle- folding down to just 139cm long, 35cm wide and 62cm high that can easily fit on a train.

It comes with a removable battery and standard plug that allows the rider to top up the power while at work or in a coffee shop, the Daily Mail reported.

The scooter, which clocks in at just a penny (Rs 0.7) a mile (16km), is available with its own designer carry bag to make sneaking it under your desk that bit easier, according to its developers.

"Throughout the process we kept in mind that we were designing something to slot into people`s lives, helping them to be greener and more economical without looking like an extra from Star Trek," TP Scoot makers said on their website.

A tried and tested brand in Germany, TP is short for Tante Paula, or "Aunt Paula".

The scooter is available in two models- Maximilian II, a rugged matt-black beast with a 1,000W zero-emissions electric engine and the 500W Ferdinand II, which costs about 1,330 pounds.

Both pootle along at a pleasant 20mph for over an hour before needing a charge.

Similar in classification to 50cc scooters, they can be driven by anyone with a pre-2001 driver`s licence or who`s taken the compulsory basic training (CBT) course.