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US to develop comprehensive ties with China

Washington: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the Obama Administration is working to develop a comprehensive relationship with China, whose President Hu Jintao is on a four-day day state visit, to take forward the bilateral ties and help in addressing key global issues.

"I think that the work that we started in this administration to build a positive, cooperative, comprehensive relationship is creating a strong foundation. We will have differences. Any two people, let alone two countries as great as our two countries are, will have differences," Clinton said in an interview to CCTV.

"But we want to create very peaceful ways of resolving those differences. We want not only to have good relations between our governments and our leaders, but good relationships between our people. I have always thought that the American and Chinese people had a lot in common," she said.

The US Secretary of State said she believes that after 30 years of hard work between the two countries in developing relationships, they are now poised to determine how the US and China working together can maintain peace not just in Asia, but around the world.

The two countries also aim to help the economy to grow so that more people have a chance to "live satisfying, comfortable lives."

"There is so much that we have to worry about. We bear special responsibilities as the first and second biggest economies. We bear special responsibilities because of the threat to world stability posed by the nuclear programs in North Korea and Iran.

"We bear special responsibility to ensure that we have a concerted response to climate change. And there are just a lot of challenges that we must face together. So this is a critical juncture to determine how good the cooperative relationship between our two countries can be going forward," Clinton said.

She said a lot of positive work is going on between the two countries. "I think China and the US are very practical countries, and even though we may be at different stages of our development, we want to see things kept stable, secure, peaceful for commercial relations, for other interchanges between people."

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