UK wants probe into Gaddafi killing

London: The reputation of Libya`s new government stands "a little bit stained" by the killing of Muammar Gaddafi, British Defence Secretary Philip Hammon said today, regretting the fact that he could not live to face a trial while advocating an enquiry into his death. Hammond, who took over as the new Defence Secretary after Liam Fox resigned last week, expressed disappointment that the former leader was killed before he had a chance to face trial.

"It`s certainly not the way we do things. We would have liked to see Col Gaddafi going on trial to answer for his misdeeds," he told BBC. He said the Libyan government should investigate and unravel the truth behind the former ruler`s killing, that would help rebuild their reputation.

He said a trial should also have held Gaddafi to account for "the many acts of terrorism that he supported and perpetrated outside Libya, of which we in Britain have a disproportionately large number of victims". Hammond said he wanted to see an investigation into Gaddafi`s death.

He said, "The fledgling Libyan government will understand that its reputation in the international community is a little bit stained by what happened. "I am sure that it will want to get to the bottom of it in a way that rebuilds and cleanses that reputation". Britain, which was in the forefront of international efforts to unseat Gaddafi, had a responsibility to help in the country`s reconstruction following the end of the civil war, he said.