Security up in Lahore after inputs of terror threat

Lahore: Law enforcement authorities today enhanced security in this eastern Pakistani city following intelligence reports that the capital of Punjab province could face a terrorist attack similar to the one on the navy“s main air station in Karachi.

A senior police officer told PTI that information gleaned from some arrested terrorists revealed that anti-state elements "might hit Lahore on a wider scale to fulfil their nefarious designs" within the next few days.

In response to this information, police high-ups convened an emergency meeting today to discuss the situation and to finalise a comprehensive plan to thwart any terrorist attack.

"The police has been put on red alert, especially for the next 24 hours, and additional deployments have been made at the entry points of the city, sensitive installations and public buildings," the officer said.

Patrolling on the roads too has been enhanced, he said.

A group of heavily armed Taliban fighters stormed the PNS Mehran naval airbase in Karachi on Sunday and killed 10 security personnel before four of the attackers were killed or blew themselves up.

The terrorists also destroyed two maritime surveillance aircraft.